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Poezii Romnesti - Romanian Poetry



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de [kopilotu ]

2006-04-05  | [Acest text ar trebui citit în english]  

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while above the skies
you always escaped thru my fingers
dizzy from too much of a first summer’s wind
laid unexpectedly on our risen chests
towards the sun
like in each year’s eclipse of death.

as if now we would stay to study the people
to see how their bodies are growing
as their nails are
as their hairs spreading from the branches of the trees
over wrinkled skins
scratched by sharp eyelashes
bitten by mouths which starve for us
nobody had ever the courage to throw himself naked
thru the grass brightened by weathering
and then we sent those movies to Hell
fearful of forgetting that we had become
the actors of our own short reel.

thru round farewell embraces
you always escaped thru my fingers
dragging behind you the strip of my colourless skin
leaving a trace of orange blood
on my back.

it's so easy to find you now
just searching for myself at the other end of me.


when I was covered by your eyelids
I found myself lost behind your irises
entwining myself thru recollections of faces
of bodies in movement
thru everything you ever imagined that I would be
just like you touched me today with frozen hands
like you dissolve me into your memories
for me not to scream anymore
not to breathe anymore
not to invent anything more about you
as I have you in this moment
under the tremble of my palms
in my eyes
over your breasts
swimming in seeping tears
to drawn in you
so to be born again
praying for us from your womb.


the little towns always kept me hidden
by the agony of great despairs
that took shape on the stairs of those churches
too wide for them to capture
the lost images of my pre-existence
before reaching you.

I never believed in occasional photos
frozen in white and black
at the height of the spires and the clouds.

freeze frame there – throwing ourselves blindly into one another
freeze frame here – painting each step of my fingers
gnawed by the teeth of a vampire
toward you – from the grass
or from where the spring came for the first time
I’m drawing myself so meticulously and obsessively thru stages of transformation
to what kind of little towns still spinning within myself
to what kind of narrow rooms I’m searching for you like for a needle in a haystack
rummaging thru images cut up
in my mind your mouth appeared to me
pulling out my nipples with your teeth.

Gods you saw me naked!
each side of me is the same
as I roll along the pavements
frightened I invented my polite snapshots
of profile/knees/of kissing feet
covering myself sometimes black sometimes white
hiding myself within all of you
my heart pained by so many eyes at once.

of course you didn’t know this movie my love
it just fell at the final trial
once more in a shape of a cross.


tear these roots from my face
let me breathe the clean winter air
let me taste from your bosom
that Pulque that burns my mind completely
or at least nail me to the wall
with my mouth stuck to your last bloody trail
to get me drunk on too much pain
until the summers come to set me free
melting me with their suffocating breath
to drain me of any power
then when you come to lick me
to rest myself eternally between your tongues.


embraced we rewound ourselves thru so many films
no longer able to recognize our civilizations
when the aborigines will descend from mirrors
dancing with them we’ve learned
how to caress each others lips with divine breath
how we can develop into Siamese twins thru tongues
brother – sister
never to split them up as we swore
in the name of nomads everywhere
undulatingly we move only thru irish steps
for each time we feel that we are losing each other
in a single heart
in a single chest
in a single circle
in a single substance
thrown thru so many universes
what the Hell Lord
there are so many of them
and we are so far
further and further
too far.

just cut the reel Lord!

(thanks Lee)

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