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Poezii Romnesti - Romanian Poetry



Carmen Harra[Carmen_Harra]

 After a near-death experience at age five, I was able to see things others couldn\'t.
 Nu a înscris o poză!

Oraş de reşedinţă: Romania
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Biografie Carmen Harra

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Pagina: 1

Biografie Carmen Harra

Carmen Harra in her own words:
Even as a little girl growing up in Romania, I knew I was different. After a near-death experience at age five, I was able to see things others couldn\'t.

Everyone who has had a near-death experience describes the sensation of \"going toward the light.” In this parallel world, extraordinary light energy surrounds you and you see an inexpressibly beautiful light. There is no negativity and no anger or sadness, only love. It is a perfect, glowing world, filled with dazzling insights and pure truth, the way our Creator meant it to be. I\'ve never forgotten the lessons this experience taught me. Why, I wondered, wasn\'t life on Earth like this?
This parallel world, which I call the Invisible World, is just as real as the physical world here on Earth. It is even more real because the people there are souls unencumbered by ego, emotions, and attachment to material things. Without these negative distractions, souls exist harmoniously in love, joy, and peace.

On the day I died and returned to life on this earth, I began to be able to perceive an entirely different level of being, and I was given the gifts of clairvoyance and prophecy. Some people would say I am psychic or that I have the sixth sense. I prefer to call myself a metaphysical intuitive. I take the wisdom I have gained through my gift of insight and offer it to people so that they can apply it to their everyday lives. Even as a child, I knew that I would spend my own life guiding people through that doorway, toward the light. This was my special gift.

I want you to forget everything you know about psychics. Surrender your prejudices and skepticism and be open to my message. The way I work is different in that I take the knowledge my psychic abilities have provided me and an understanding of how energy works in the Universe, and combine them with a solid understanding of psychology. I help people to recognize their karma, which manifests as psychological issues, and work through it so that they can free themselves to love fully and overcome their suffering.

I\'ve spent the past thirty years developing my psychic abilities, studying metaphysics, and learning about the parallel world of the spirit. I\'ve come to realize that my psychic ability is the bridge between the visible and the invisible worlds. I\'m a licensed hypnotherapist, an astrologist, and an a numerologist. I\'m also an expert in the Kabbalah, cosmology, and astral physiognomy. These are the tools I use to help you learn more about yourself and the Universe we live in.

My gift brings me in contact with celebrities, royalty, high-powered executives, doctors and psychologists, and people from many walks of life who come to me to gain insight into their problems, make better choices, and find purpose in their lives. These individuals are seeking a new kind of therapy, a way to heal karmic wounds and shape a more positive future.

While I do make predictions and prophecies, and have a 93 percent accuracy rate, I am wary of anyone who claims that their predictions are written in stone. Certain things are predetermined, such as the timing of our birth and death, but we have free will and a choice about most matters. The choices we make create our destiny. My purpose in healing, teaching, and writing is to help others make better choices by developing a deep sense of self-awareness. Humans have learned how to travel to the moon, and even to Mars, yet we haven\'t succeeded in traveling inward to know the Self. Only in knowing ourselves can we make our lives better and make the changes necessary to create a peaceful and hopeful future for all of us.

Many I have met and worked with have been in therapy for years and yet they are still unhappy. They turn to me as an alternative source of healing, just as a patient using conventional medicine seeks alternatives. Too often, they are desperate. They want to know what the future has in store for them and how to be happy. But I can\'t cure anyone\'s problem unless they work with me. Therapy is always an interactive process. I can tell you what may happen, but you have to make it happen. Only you can heal your old wounds and discover who you really are and what you want from life. I can tell you what danger lurks ahead, but you are the one who has to choose to avoid it.

I have worked with people dealing with problems ranging from divorce, heartbreak, the death of a child, family discord, the loss of a job, accidents, substance abuse, heart disease, cancer, domestic violence, financial disaster, and many other difficult situations. I have helped people find their soul mates, change careers and jobs, stop being workaholics and alcoholics, build their dreams, and detect dangerous tumors and other health problems early enough to treat them successfully. I have helped people to see what is hidden: the secrets they hide from themselves and from others, and the sources of their unhappiness and suffering. As a psychic, I can help you pinpoint your issues, your blocks, and your secret dreams. I push my clients to make changes by broadening their perception, by opening a doorway so they can see their infinite potential. I hope to help you see yours too!

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